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Holding Parko
Parko Group Holding is developing in several directions, providing services in the field of HR, registration of LLCs and Sole Proprietorship, agricultural trading and logistics.
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About our holding

Parko Group Holding is developing in several directions, providing services in the field of HR, registration of LLCs and Sole Proprietorship, agricultural trading and logistics.

We started with the opening of the Parko Staff recruitment agency, which now cooperates with leading industries in Slovakia.

Based on our experience in the HR business and understanding of key needs, we developed an innovative platform for recruitment agencies – Parko User, allowing us to optimise the work of HR professionals.

We also created Úkon.sk, a web service for registering companies and private businesses online, which greatly simplifies the process of doing business and provides useful additional services for new businesses.

The crucial part of our holding company is AV Parko, which deals with the import and logistics of agricultural crops to EU countries.

Parko Staff is a recruitment agency in Slovakia and provides quality HR consultancy services. In our work we control every stage of the recruitment process, from paperwork to support for the employee and the employer during the employment procedure. Our clients are time-proven, stable and reliable companies whose success is due to the people working in them.

We respect our clients and each employee. Our philosophy is Reputation Beyond Competition.


Parko Trade specialises in the import of grain and leguminous crops.
We promptly respond to market conditions and successfully organize the supply of agricultural products for the benefit of both the producer and the buyer.

Over 5 years, we have formed a base of reliable Ukrainian producers and provide turnover up to 30,000 tons of grain per month.
Quick and high quality transshipment of grain is provided by our pneumatic transshipment station with capacity up to 1000 tons per day.

A special activity of ours is the transportation of liquid cargoes on the Danube River, for which we use our own self-propelled barge with a carrying capacity of 500 tons.


Úkon.sk is a web service developed for online registration of limited liability companies and sole proprietorships. This service provides the possibility of opening or closing a business as well as making changes to trade registers. An additional service within the project is the provision of a virtual legal address with postal documentation.

For expanding business partnerships, we are planning to cooperate with companies providing services and software for small and medium-sized businesses (banks, accounting systems, invoice generators etc.).

Úkon.sk saves resources and time for thousands of entrepreneurs.
Starting a business in Slovakia is now a piece of cake.


Parko User is an innovative web platform for HR professionals. A typical system only allows you to keep records of employees, store documents and tediously fill out profiles. With Parko User, you can review and then confirm or decline an employee’s advance payment, generate documents, send out payslips, and approve time off at the employee’s request with just one click. With the Parko User platform, the employee creates a profile, uploads the documents and enters the data, all you have to do is to verify it.

Efficient management and accounting improves the quality and speed of work, and allows you to optimize time-consuming routine processes.

With Parko User – more time for work, less for routine.


We would be delighted to work with you to leverage on Parko Group full potential to build the solutions.


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